New Jersey Factory Service,Inc

16 Chestnut  Avenue 

Emerson, NJ 07630

       Analog to Digital Pro Audio

               We Repair with Care!




At New Jersey Factory Service we offer top quality in house repair for all types of audio gear.
We also offer FactoryAuthorized Warranty Service
 for specific brands.


Courier service is available in the Tri-State area.

 Call  201-967-0060 or Email for details.


For your convenience, Rush service is available.

Same Day/24 hr Service (in by 9am)....$100.00 additional

2-3 Day Service (unit will be looked at)....$75.00 additional

                 New Jersey Factory Service Labor Rates:


  (please note rates are subject to change and rates do not include parts or shipping costs)

Our labor rates are a flat rate (not by the hour) which includes a complete cleaning,alignment and calibration. Repairs are done at our facility and warranted for 90 days on the work we did.

Item                                                       Overhaul                            Minor


Cassette Decks                                 $150.00&up                   $125.00-150.00

Dats                                                      $160.00                           $140.00

Multi-Channel Dats                       $260.00                           $220.00

Analog Reel-Reels                          $250.00& up                  $225.00&up

Multi Channel Analog                  Call for price                 Call for price


Also please note we require a bench fee of $50.00 for each unit brought in or sent in for repair.

If the unit is repaired the fee goes towards your repair charges.