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Used Audio and Tape Decks for Sale
Sold by factory Trained Technicians


At New Jersey Factory Service, we have a selection of used audio equipment at great prices.
The following list changes often so check back often

*Prices do not include shipping. Courier service is available in NY NJ Metro area.
E-mail or call for details. *30 day warranty for all listed ite

Many parts are available for most model 

please call 201-967-0060 

or emails us for your request

Teac                          A3300S 2T Reel to Reel                                    $600.00

Teac                         Model 124 Sync Cassette                                  $120.00


Teac                           2340 SX Reel to Reel                                        $600.00


Teac                            3340 Reel to Reel                                              $500.00   


Sony                             TC 755   (parts  only)                                    $ 50.00


Yamaha               15" woofer  Jay61700 (new)                             $85.00

Onkyo                   Interga R1  Cassette Deck                                  $100.00

Tascam ATR60-4HS      no record                                                    $400.00

JBL EON Power Speaker                                                                       $ 60.00